Falcon Messier-Bugatti Breakout Box

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Falcon Messier-Bugatti Breakout Box

  • The AS-201 Falcon Messier-Bugatti Breakout Box is designed specifically for the Falcon 900, Falcon 900B, Falcon 900C and Falcon 900EX aircraft.
  • Unlike other anti-skid systems, the Messier-Bugatti SPAD – SPeed Acquisition Device – uses the rotation of the nose wheels to set a rolling speed reference to adjust the main wheel braking effort.
  • This very unusual technique provides specific advantages over 4-wheel systems, and also places additional maintenance and troubleshooting requirements on the technician servicing the unit.
  • The AS-201 emphasizes the logical layout of the Maintenance Manual Diagram to encourage systematic troubleshooting of all voltage levels coming to the 2CG amplifier. The layout also notes several details from the aircraft wire diagrams and service bulletins.


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