Anti Skid Test Unit

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Anti Skid Test Unit

Reduced manpower requirements for operation.
Fine control of drive motor speed.
Digital speed read-out.
Internal protection against frozen transmitter.
Adapts to other aircraft.
Extra long cables.
Compact control box measures 5″ high, 10″ wide, and 8″ deep.
Box may be used on the hangar floor or in the cockpit.
Easy set-up and tear-down.
Purpose: The AS-100 is designed to drive up to 6 aircraft anti-skid tach/generators and selectively monitor the speed of each drive unit. By stopping individual drive motors, a wheel can be simulated to aid in troubleshooting or complying with inspection requirements. Notes: The 4 wheel anti-skid system installed on the Falcon 10 & 50 and others requires the use of 4 Drive Motors with 4 PN AS-300-101 Axle Adapters. The Messier-Bugatti anti-skid system installed on the Falcon 900 requires the use of the 6 Drive Motors with 4 PN AS-300-203 Axle Adapters, 2 P/N AS-300-204 Axle Adapters. Options: Available now: 2 Wheel System (P/N AS-102).
4 Wheel System (P/N AS-104): DA10/100, DA20/200, and DA50/50EX.
6 Wheel System (P/N AS-106): DA900/900EX.
Bench Test Kit.
Nose Gear Kit.


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