400 Hz | MS25486

400 hz 115V , high impact resistance , rubber external power connector,

worldwide in use MS25486

Silver plated contacts , pure cupper

MS tolerances
Fits with the MS receptacle
Special cable sizes and configurations on request
450 A continuous , 1500 A for 1 minute, control contact 35 A continuous.
Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 (BS4G173:1985) and appropriate MOD (Air) and NSN Standards.
Cable assemblies to client requirements available.
Max. wire 120mm2 or 4/0 AWG 250 MCM.ACP6P1 15mm²


ACP6P2 20mm²
ACP6P4 25 mm²
ACP6P5 35 mm²
ACP6P6 50 mm²
ACP6P8 70 mm²
ACP6P9 90 mm²
ACP6P10 120mm²

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